The New MacWet Climatec Sports Glove - A Touch Of Genius

February 13, 2013

At the Cotswold Tailor we search long and hard for products that not only look great but also perform great. The all new MacWet Climatec sports glove is no exception. The MacWet glove is the choice of professionals looking to better their game and has been used as a: shooting glove, riding gloves, watersports glove, golf glove, ski glove to name just a few. 

But what is it that makes the MacWet sports glove just so good?

As the synthetic fibres used in MacWet gloves have natural wicking properties, they allow any water to be readily transported around and over the gloves surface to the fabric face. This means any water evaporates quickly, providing you with the optimum amount of comfort and gripping power! Unlike perspiration inducing leather gloves which compromise comfort and grip, the fabric used in these gloves allows the hand to breathe, ensuring consistently comfortable grip. Want to enhance your performance further? Add a little moisture to the glove by clasping a damp towel to give maximum grip, whatever your sport.

And the fit?

To ensure your glove fits like a second skin, take a tape measure and measuring in centimetres, place the tape measure across the fleshy bit of skin just under your four fingers to give you your size. 7cm (size 7) is considered a medium women’s size whilst 8cm (size 8) is considered to be a medium man’s size. Washing by hand or machine at 40 degrees will help ensure that glove performance is kept maximised.