Face Mask Pleated Katie & Millie Blue Made with Liberty Fabric

 Adult washable 100% cotton face mask in the Liberty tana lawn Printed Katie and Millie blue pattern fabric. A Liberty of London print face covering. Made in England.

This facemask covers under the chin slightly, and up over the nose, with pleats and a bendable strip which can be moulded to your nose. It has two elastic straps to keep it secure to the face which go round each ear.

We developed masks:

  1. To catch any coughs or sneezes, and any other droplets that leave our mouths.
  2. To reduce hand to face contact.
  3. To protect each other.

 We recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after use. But, when you find yourself unexpectedly in a crowd or having to work closer than you would like, a washable mask brings some peace of mind. They fold and pop in your pocket or handbag, ready for when you would like to use them.


Our non medical masks are designed as an extra barrier between your cough and sneeze and other people. They are not for medical use or surgical grade. 

Masks MUST be washed when received and after every use in hot soapy water or machine washed 40-60 degrees with bio detergent.

Never share your mask. Our masks are not recommended for those with breathing difficulties or allergies.

  • Place the mask carefully, ensuring it covers the mouth and nose, and secure to minimise any gaps between the face and the mask.
  • Remove the mask: do not touch the front of the mask but simply release the elastic from behind your head or ears depending on which style you have.
  • After removal or whenever a used mask is inadvertently touched, clean hands using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • Replace masks as soon as they become damp with a new clean, dry mask.


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