Our Suits


At our first meeting and before taking over 30 of your unique body measurements, we offer advice on:

Style/Cut – a bespoke suit is exactly that, bespoke. We work with our clients to pick a cut and design that not only works with their body shape, but also works with their lifestyles. By finding out when, where and how often our clients will be wearing their bespoke garments, we are able to offer advice to ensure the tailored suit is fit for purpose.

Personalisation – The options are endless,  examples include: contrasting color hand-stitching of the button holes, natural horn or shell buttons, edge-stitching on the lapel, pocket detailing, choosing from the wide selection of linings we have as well as suit embroidery.

Construction – We offer 3 suit constructions. 


Our made-to-measure service is a good way of bridging the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailoring. For individuals looking at a cost effective, time efficient way of trying out tailoring, this is the perfect range for you.  As with our Semi bespoke and bespoke packages you still get to pick: fabrics, linings and the style of your suit.

Lead Time:  Approximately 6-8 weeks (an express service is available for a small additional fee)

Cost:  A two piece suit in this range costs from £925.00

Fittings: On average you will need 1-2 fittings

Appointments: It is highly advisable that you make an appointment; however, we will do our up-most to accommodate individuals without one.

  • Machine sewn
  • Half canvas
  • Unique paper pattern cut for each client, ensuring we deliver a great fitting suit.
  • Hand work (despite being machine made we still hand pad the lapel to create an elegant soft roll, giving life and shape to the suit)
  • Sleeve head is inserted by hand ensuring the correct pitch
  • All of the cloth used in these ranges are manufactured in the UK. 

Semi Bespoke

Our semi bespoke suits, are half hand stitched and offer an entry into the world of luxury bespoke tailoring. Your suit will be cut to your own individual pattern, taken from other 30 of your unique body measurements, by one of our highly skilled coat makers. No two body shapes are the same, and nor should your suits be. Dropped shoulders, arched backs, muscular thighs, broad shoulders but slim waistlines are all common difficulties facing individuals when trying to buy suits, that look and feel great. Our semi bespoke suits are cut to compliment your body shape as well as naturally revealing something of the character of the owner.

Creating well fitting, appropriate clothing is an art. We don’t just make clothes that look great; we make clothes that are practical too. At your first fitting we will listen carefully to what it is you are really looking for, and craft your suit and design based on these requirements.  As such our suits fit both your body and your lifestyle. From the first fitting to the last our customers are involved in every step of the creative process, whilst working alongside your personal tailoring consultant to ensure the best possible end product.

Lead Time: Approximately 8-12 weeks

Cost: A two piece suit in this range costs from £1325.00

Fittings: New customers will require a minimum of two fittings, and occasionally 3-4 fittings may be necessary to achieve the perfect end result.

  • Half Canvass (chest is padded by hand, helping to create a curvature in the chest unmatched by the equivalent machine stitched suit) 
  • Half hand sewn (the finishing of the suit is all done by hand, including hand sewn buttons and elegant hand edge stitching on the lapel, jacket edge and pockets)
  • Basted fit
  • Tailored by highly skilled coat makers rather than on a mass production line. 


This range is for individuals looking for the best. It is for customers looking for the absolute pinnacle in luxury.  This package offers all of finery included in our bespoke service but takes it one step further. The UK is well regarded as having some of the best fabric manufacturers in the world. Our bespoke Package, gives you access to some of the finest fabrics available, from some of the best fabric brands available, all included in the price. 

With a full floating canvass, basted fitting and entirely sewn by hand this is the pinnacle of suit tailoring. Only the very finest tailors are used to deliver our bespoke tailoring. 

  • Full floating canvass - at the Cotswold Tailor we use a linen and horsehair canvas to offer support in the front panels of the suit. Our bespoke suits have a full length canvas, hand sewn into place allowing the internals of the jacket to move. For the wearer this provides a more comfortable experience as the jacket takes on the shape of the body. 
  • Fully handsewn - everything from the intricate hand edge stitching, internals, buttonholes and even the linings are sewn by hand, ensuring truly original bespoke garments every time. 
  • Basted Fit

Fabrics: With our bespoke package you can pick from thousands of luxurious fabrics from some of the best fabric manufacturers in the world.

Lead Time:  Approximately 8-12 weeks

Cost: A two piece suit in this range starts at £1875.00

Our Fabrics

We use the finest British fabrics including:

  • Traditional Harris Tweed – hand woven on the Isle of Harris.
  • John G Hardy Fine Huddersfield Worsteds
  • Dugdale Bros & Co of Huddersfield
  • William Halstead – Weavers of luxury suiting fabrics
  • Scabal
  • Holland & Sherry

With this extensive variety of luxury materials, we are able to offer tailored suits and garments in a vast array of jacketing, trousering and tweed cloths. We never use synthetic materials, only natural fibers. By hand picking an exclusive range of cloth merchants that we work closely with, we are able to negotiate significant discounts for our clients. 

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