Made In The Cotswolds - Leather Goods

August 18, 2014

Wherever possible, The Cotswold Tailor, likes to support British craftsmanship. Even better if the products being made, are being made on our doorstep. A fine example of this can be seen in our Cotswold handmade belts and dog collars. Our beautifully crafted belts are made by Matthew at home in his small but functional work-space, just a short walk from our Shipston-On-Stour shop. Each belt is hand carved, hand dyed and hand finished by Matthew exclusively for The Cotswold Tailor. You can rest assure that when you buy one of our leather belts, you are not only buying a superior quality product but you are also helping to keep a craft alive. 

Each belt goes through 16 steps before it is ready for you to take home, these steps are as follows: 


1: Cutting The Leather Strap      2: Creasing The Edge


3: Bevel The Edges                                 4: Cut Buckle Slot


5: Dampen The Leather                        6: Cotswold Tailor Stamp


7: Punch Holes In Leather Strap       8: Use Sponge Cloth To Dye Belt


9: Polish Leather                                  10: Wax Edges


11: Pull Waxed Belt Through Denim            12: Attach Buckle


13: Punch Hole For Rivet              14: Insert Rivet


15: Stamp Hole In Keeper       16:  Sew On keeper


Finished Belt                                          Handmade Cotswold Belts