Why Go Independent Over Designer Brands?

December 11, 2013

Brands are both important to the consumer and the company. Consumers buy into brands, and in doing so are investing in what the company represents; furthermore, they are showing to others by displaying their branded tags that they are attached to a particular company and its representations.

This is important to the company as not only is it an immediate way of distinguishing, what otherwise might just be a jumper amongst hundreds of jumpers on the high street, but it also creates brand loyalty and value. From a controversial point of view it also enables a company to sell an inferior product for far more than its quality would suggest.

Right to avoid this sounding like an A-level marketing paper I will get to the point.

The Cotswold Tailor prides itself in selling high quality own label products at fair prices. Our team spends a lot of time researching the best manufactures from around the world, with a particular emphasis where possible, at sourcing from the UK. From time to time clients bring branded suits in that they have bought from well know multi-national brands. Often these suits cost well over £1000.00. Sometimes the fabrics used in these suits are of a similar quality to those used in our bespoke suits, however, it amazes me how willing individuals are to spend a large sum of money on a suit that doesn’t fit well. Having found a suit marked down from £1800 to £1200 for example,  often the consumer then forgets all about the need for the suit to fit well. So many times I have to break it to clients that for £925.00 I could have tailored them a higher spec suit, cut bespoke to over 30 of their measurements. Rather than trying to alter a designer suit to semi fit.

What surprises me most though is how many of these designer brands that sell very expensive unfinished suits, and then don’t offer an in-house tailoring service to finish them.

What I suppose I am trying to get across is, large designer brands have a place, but when buying luxury clothing such as a jacket or a suit, don’t rule out visiting an independent specialist business. At the Cotswold Tailor we are proud of the fact that we would never sell a jacket to a customer that didn’t fit well. My team are not rewarded by sales, and therefore you can rest assure that our main focus is client satisfaction. The best thing of all, is if you do find a pair of trousers, jacket or shirt that doesn’t fit perfectly, we have in-house tailors that can alter your garments to ensure they will by the time you leave with the garments.