Road Testing The Sowerby Stanton Dealer Boot

February 20, 2014

This week I find myself in the French Alps, a perfect location to put Sowerby's Stanton dealer boots through their paces. The Stanton boot is now The Cotswold Tailors best selling boot. To find out why I thought I would do a bit of road testing. The first thing to notice with all of the Sowerby Boots is the sizing. Being cut on an English last, you may find yourself opting for one size smaller than your usual shoe size. In my case I found the 9.5 to be a perfect fit, rather than a size 10 that I would usually opt for. Although not particularly comfortable at the first, after a couple of hours of wear the boots leather quickly softened, bit by bit molding to my feet. One week on and they are some of the most comfortable footwear I own. 

The most obvious difference between the Stanton and the rest of the Sowerby range is that it doesn't have a leather sole. Instead it has a chunky rubber tread, described by Sowerby as a 'Sowerby Stitch welted genuine commando itside sole'. What this means to you or I is that the heavier tread makes the boot more, durable, water repellent and offers greater grip. It is therefore the perfect choice of footwear to cope with the wet weather that seems to be plaguing this years winter. This practical workhorse however, is by no means ugly. Its greasy brown leather exterior looks great with our new Cotswold Tailor Denim Jeans and can be worn equally well for smart casual occasions as they can casually. For want of a better example I would see it as the Land rover Discovery of the range. Well equipped to cope with all occasions but smart enough to wear around town as well as in the Cotswold Countryside. 


To look after your Stanton Dealer Boots we now sell hide feed, bringing new life to worn leather!