The Magic Of Leather Feed

February 19, 2014

After quite some searching, I feel I have now found a leather care product that can match the quality of the Sowerby Boots we sell, both in our Cotswold Tailor shops and on our online store. Looking after ones new Sowerby Boots or in fact any quality leather shoes, is vitally important to ensure the longevity of the product. Not only should a boot or shoe be alternated in and out of use, just like a good tailored suit, after each days use, but some simple care routines can ensure the leather stays looking its best for as long as possible. A shoe tree should be used at the end of each day, to maintain both the shape of the shoe as well as removing the excess moisture from inside the shoe. Likewise a good leather feed can be used to revive and restore a tired looking leather. I have opted to stock an original nutrient leather food based on beeswax and lanolin cream. Not only can this leather food be used on boots it can also be used on clothing, leather bags, furniture and tack. The nice thing about this leather food is that it doesn't discolor the product you are treating, although it is advisable to try the product on a small sample spot before hand. 

Below are some pictures of my Stanton Sowerby boots, before and after applying the Gold Label leather hide food.