You Can Take The Man Out Of The Cotswolds But You Can't Take The Cotswolds Out Of The Man .....

February 19, 2014

Whilst cross country skiing in Autran (France), I couldn't help but notice this rather dapper gentleman dressed in his tweed shooting breeks, shooting stockings and tweed cap. Possibly more at home in the Cotswolds, wearing shooting attire cross country skiing isn't as crazy as you might think. 

Tweeds such as Harris Tweed are heavy and densely woven thus are fantastic insulators, and therefore perfect for staying warm whilst skiing. Furthermore, many tweeds used in shooting breeks and in tweed caps are naturally water repellent. The combination of densely woven fibers as well as naturally occurring oils in the wool, means that many tweeds repel water and thus within reason are ideal for the snowy conditions often found skiing. 

When Tailoring Shooting Suits or Tweed Skiing Suits at The Cotswold Tailor we would recommend fully lining the tweed breeks both front and back. Not only does this help to keep the wind out and thus offer greater insulation but it helps prevent the itchiness often associated with the rubbing of tweed against bare flesh.