Marko John's Socks

January 11, 2013

Every one of Marko John's socks (abbreviated by fans to "MJs") is made in England by a family-run business that has been making superior British socks since 1895. Unlike most socks, they are lovingly hand-linked for a seamless toe, making MJs superlatively comfortable as well as more durable. The cotton is dyed just outside Manchester using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time and even the riders (the cardboard presentation tags on each pair) are designed and printed in the UK.

So, why are Marko John's made this way? Well, the answer is not complicated: we simply want to make the best socks we possibly can.

The UK has a rich heritage and a long history of producing the finest clothing in the world. From the tweed weaved in the Scottish Hebrides, to Northamptonshire's many expert cobblers, along Savile Row and Jermyn Street, via the fields of lambs wool on its way to becoming jumpers, and almost every town and city in between, the UK is awash with fashion designing talent and the world's finest craftsmanship. We seek to celebrate and continue this tradition in the way we make our socks for you.

Marko Johns is run by brothers Mark and Steve and is based in Oxford. We are honoured to have been selected to make the official socks for several Oxford colleges and many other esteemed institutions. We are proud of the quality of every single MJ we produce and go to great lengths to ensure that every pair is perfect before it leaves the shop.

When the colourways are not driven by Colleges or Clubs, we love spending time discussing hues and combinations for new MJs, with inspiration coming from all areas of their experience: Chamonix >, for example, celebrates a resort we adore (and where Steve and his wife spent their honeymoon!) with classic ski-knit red and cream.  Racing > comes from a lifelong love of all that is automobile, and a celebration of the many fine British marques we have to be proud of. 

In a world where quality so often comes second to profit margins, carbon footprints, working conditions, and the monotony of everyone wearing the same soulless mass-produced everything...Marko Johns exists simply to make the best socks we possibly can.

We are delighted that you are now able to get your MJs from The Cotswold Tailor’s fabulous online store.  However, we must say that one of the pleasures of supplying The Cotswold Tailors with MJs is the excuse it gives us to visit the delightful town of Woodstock. If at all possible, we would highly recommend making a visit to the shop in person.  Do say hi if you see us in there one day!  (We’ll be the ones carrying a big box of MJs.  Maybe you’ll also recognise us from our photo; apparently we’ve only changed a little...)