William Halstead Fabrics

August 04, 2013

William Halstead was founded in 1875 and have been producing quality mohairs since that date. Their collection includes mohair suiting qualities with a composition ranging from 100% summer kid mohair to 14% summer kid mohair. They offer mohair suitings for both spring/summer and Autumn/Winter seasons in plain weave and twills, yarn and piece dye, with weights ranging from 200-400 grams per linear metre. They also offer mohair jacket qualities. 

For individuals look for something a little more special William Halstead Fabrics finest mohair qualities feature some of the worlds most luxurious fibres in the warp, including 100% cashmere. 


The company is one of just a handful of manufacturers left in the UK who, with its highly skilled, dedicated and experienced workforce, still weave every metre of our production on their own Dornier looms in the mill.

This “in house” weaving enables them to ensure the highest standard of quality control is applied at every stage of the production process, from receipt of raw material through to final inspection.

Their weaving shed is equipped with modern and technically high speed rapier Dornier weaving machines which are linked directly to a computer controlled production system,